Recycling FAQ

How do I participate in the recycling program?

It's easy to participate. Just find a convenient place to store your recycling bin, prepare your materials as described below, place them in the bin, and put the bin out when and where your refuse hauler designates. Remember, glass, aluminum and all other food and beverage cans, and newspaper are the materials that may be recycled in this program.

When should I put out my recycling bin?

Though recycling pickup is available every week, making the program very convenient, you are encouraged to put out your recycling bin only when it is full, or nearly full. Recycling trucks will make fewer stops and collection will be faster.

Your recyclable materials and your trash are collected on the same day.

What should I do if I live in an apartment?

Those who rent apartments in buildings with three or fewer units will receive recycling bins. Those who live in larger buildings will not. It is the responsibility of the apartment complex owner or Manager, not the Township, to provide a recycling program for apartment dwellers.

Who should I call if I have questions about the recycling program?

Call or stop in the Ephrata Township office, 265 Akron Road, Ephrata, telephone number 733-1044. Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.