Township Boards

Board of Supervisors

Clark R. Stauffer, Chairman

J. Tyler Zerbe, Vice-Chairman & Treasurer

Anthony Haws, Secretary


Zoning Hearing Board

Kevin Seibert, Chaiman

Don Boll,, Vice-Chairman

Leon Roy Martin

Thomas Bollinger

Larry Ray


Ephrata Township Solicitor and Ephrata Township Sewer Authority Solicitor

Anthony Schimaneck, Morgan Hallgren Crosswell and Kane


Planning Commission

Leonard Martin, Chairman

Dale Garman, Vice-Chairman

Marvin Sauder

LaMarr Stauffer

James Stauffer


Sewer Authority

Aaron Groff, Chairman

Leon M. Kurtz, Vice-Chairman

Robert Fisher, Secretary/Treasurer

James Martin




Marjorie Hornberger, Chairperson

Jay Snyder

Paul E. Miley



Ephrata Township - Rettew Associates - Jim Caldwell

Ephrata Township Sewer Authority - Becker Engineering - Daniel Becker, P.E.