Snow Removal Guidelines

The Ephrata Township Road Department follows a snow removal plan to clear the Township roadways. The plan calls for the Township to be divided into zones. Each zone is assigned to specific drivers and equipment. Within each zone, the major collection streets and roadways are attended to first with the residential streets following. This prioritization is based on identifying primary accesses, emergency response needs and school bus routes. Local streets in a development, particularly cul-de-sac streets, are plowed after primary streets have been cleared. The local streets carry the least amount of traffic and must be serviced in accordance with that factor. The Township is aware that your street is important to you. The Road Department is committed to continue providing excellent snow removal service.

Each property owner can also assist the Township in providing an improved level of service by observing the following suggestions:

1.) One of the most important ways to assist the Township is by not parking vehicles in cul-de-sac or narrow streets. Plows can not get into a turn-around when cars are parked on the street. Please keep your vehicle off the street until the street has been completely cleared off.

Residents are reminded that the Township has a general policy for snow removal, however, each storm event may be a cause for change. Salt material is spread on the roads at the start of a storm and when snow starts to accumulate. The Township, in most cases, will plow the street two separate times. The first time will be to clear an access to the primary roads and the second pass will push the snow back to the edge of the street. This is done to provide clearance on the street and to insure an adequate area to plow snow in additional storms.

2.) If possible, wait until the street is plowed before clearing driveway openings.

3.) Never shovel snow out into the streets. Snow shoveled into the street causes a hazard by freezing and causing bumps in the roadway. Be a good neighbor and shovel snow away from the street and if applicable, the sidewalk.

4.) For safety reasons, shovel out fire hydrants if they are located on your property.

5.) Motorists need to have a greater awareness of Township vehicles salting or plowing snow. The Township vehicle is performing an emergency operation and motorists should not interfere or impede the plow in any way. In the course of clearing the street, the Township vehicle may behave in unexpected ways, such as backing up a short distance against traffic.

6.) Any person who is in charge or control of any building or lot affronting a sidewalk shall remove ice or snow or clear a path of at least thirty inches (30") in width from the sidewalk. An attempt should be made to remove the snow or ice from the sidewalk within twenty-four (24) hours after the cessation of any fall of snow, sleet or freezing rain.

In an attempt to remove snow from the roads, plowed snow may damage mailboxes. Wet, heavy snow increases the chance of damage to mailboxes. To reduce the potential for damage make sure your mailbox is secured tightly on a sturdy post. Residents are reminded that damage occurring from plowed snow is the property owner's responsibility. The Township crew makes every effort to avoid causing damage to mailboxes.