Ephrata Township Recycling Program

One of the most important parts of the Township's recycling program is the residential recycling.  This part of the recycling program includes glass, aluminum & tin containers, and newspapers recycled from the homes within the community.  The performance level of the recycling program is very dependent on an aggressive and consistent residential recycling program.
Ephrata Township enacted an Ordinance effective June 1, 1993 requiring residents and business owners in Ephrata Township to participate in a recycling program.  The recycling program is easy, convenient, and will allow the Township to dramatically reduce the amount of trash generated here and meet its state requirement to recycle.  Your refuse hauler will deliver a special curbside recycling bin to your home when you start service. You should use this container to store recyclable materials and place them outside for pickup (newspapers should be bundled or placed in a paper bag and placed beside your recycling bin on your scheduled pick up day).

Occasionally recycling bins are damaged or lost.  If you need a replacement bin you may stop by the Township Office during regular business hours and pick one up at no charge.

Features of our recycling program are:

  • Weekly recycling pickup. Recyclable materials must be collected by your refuse hauler once each week on the same day that your trash is collected.
    • A variety of recyclable material. You should recycle glass containers, aluminum cans and all other metal food and beverage cans, and newspaper in our recycling program.
      • Commingled recycling collection. You will not need to separate bottles and cans by color or type, but may store those items together in the recycling bin and put out the bin on collection day with the recyclables mixed together. (Newspaper must be bundled or bagged and put on top of the bin or at its side.)

      There are a number of benefits that participating in the recycling program will bring you, and future generations.

      • First, recycling benefits our environment. It conserves natural resources such as trees, produces much less air an water pollution, and saves energy.
        • Second, the recycling program is convenient. The special containers, weekly pickup, variety of materials and commingled collection should make it easy for you to save your recyclables and put them out for collection on the right day.

        And remember...recycling is the law.